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Western Union Donation! Empty Western Union Donation!

Post  [Admin]Sultan on Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:34 pm

Western Union Donation! Wu_yesLogo_path_RGB

Item Mall Point Rate:
100 Point(s) = 1 USD

Receiver Details:
-First Name: Abdulla Eid
-Last Name: Al Dhaheri
-Country: United Arab Emirates, UAE
-State: Al Ain
-Post Code: 82825

Once you've sent payment, please use form below and send it to rampageonline.donate@yahoo.com

-Service Name: Western Union (Use it as subject email title also)
-MTCN Number: (Insert here the Western Union MTCN Number)
-Sent Amount: (Your donation sent amount)
-First Name: (First name of Western Union Sender)
-Last Name: (Last name of Western Union Sender)
-Country: (Your Country used to sent)
-Username/ID: (Account Username)
-Notes: (You can write some notes if you want)

Once you submit your email, You will get your donation within 24 hour(s). If you still not got your after 24 hour(s) donation, please re-send an email!


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